Oasis Films - A Commercial Production Company

Never Really Thought...

I never really thought we'd have something as geeky as a "blog". But our web guru people tell us that we need one to help keep Oasis Films at the top of the web search lists when people look for Commercial Production Companies.

The want us to put all kinds of catch words and phrases in here like "great commercials, beautiful cinematography, wonderful director, comedy, lifestyle, film production, high definition, wildly creative editing, innovative, award winning television commercials, fun to work with, North Carolina, Southeast, super duper creative team, blah blah blah... you get the idea.

So who are we to argue? We try to do whatever it takes to keep the doors open, the heat on and some morsels of food on the table. I suspect over time you'll read some interesting stuff here, some funny stuff ... and some stupid stuff. Overall, it will be fun... and that's what we try to be all about.

Oasis Films is a full service 35mm film / high definition production company. we specialize in commercials, music videos, corporate and web presentations as well as documentaries. we represent one director / cinematographer, Jeff Smith. Jeff specializes in dialog, lifestyle, food and automobiles.

So stop in from time to time, catch up and enjoy!

...and oh yea... if you want to go to the webpage, just click on the green Oasis Films logo above.
You'll find our sample spots there.